Jérôme Liniger

Painter, Performer and Designer, Jérôme Liniger, born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), studied painting from an early age with his mother, Pauline Liniger, herself a painter and art teacher. After graduating from the Maximilien de Meuron Academy in Neuchâtel, under the direction of the painter Gérald COMTESSE and the sculptor Marcel MATHYS, he studied art etching at the Atelier de Saint-Prex with Pietro SARTO. He then went to Japan to learn the art of traditional painting and ink, Sumi-Ê, from Master NAGAMORI Ichiro. He finally pursues his training by integrating the Beaux-Arts of Paris, the National Superior School, in France, where he studied under the direction of Masters Ouanès AMOR and Claude VIALLAT. He graduated in 1996.

Liniger’s practice, as an artist performer, is to offer the viewer the opportunity to be part of the creative process. Whether he is painting on paper or canvas, on monumental plastics or directly on the body, this dialogue, between the ink and the one who is looking at him, is at the center of his preoccupation; with always the project to explore the ritual of creation. This research began in 1994, with his experimental installations, during his stay at the Winchester College of Art in the United Kingdom. Since then, alone or in collaboration with other artists – choreographers, dancers, visual artists, actors, poets – he continues to systematically experience painting as a «rite of passage», in order to always try to create a time and a place where the viewer would be pleased to stay!
He collaborated with the author and director Christophe AVERLAN, the choreographer Sophie LANDRY, the New York visual artist Katy MARTIN, and today the dancer and choreographer Anthony ROQUES.
Jérôme Liniger has exhibited in Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and China.

Anthony Roques

Dancer and choreographer, Anthony Roques, born in Monaco, began his dance studies in Nice, before joining the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, under the direction of professors Nathalie Pubellier and André Lafonta. There he obtained his National Diploma of Professional Dancer with honors, especially with the play Billy, in which he interprets his own choreographic creation. He is professionalizing in a first international project of one year, within the Junior Ballet of Geneva, under the direction of Sean Wood and Patrice Delay, which is completed by a national tour in Switzerland. His versatility asserts itself in the rich repertoire that he performs: he has notably danced in Sacré Printemps by Cristiana Morganti, The Hill and Girls and Boys by Roy Assaf, Saltare by Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau, and the creations of Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté, Sharon Eya and Andonis Foniadakis.

He participated, as a professional dancer, in the Prototype IV choreographic research and composition program, supported by the Royaumont Abbey Foundation. It is in this context that was born the RoqueStar prototype choreographed by Charlie-Anastasia Merlet of the company LesGensCharles. In his career as an interpreter, he adds performative forms: he has been remarquable in Narcisse XXI, piece created as part of the exhibition Ravages of the collective Diamètre, Dansomanie for the Talk Bad Taste. His experiences on the body, as a model for drawing classes at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, led him to question pictorial and plastic performance; This was followed by his meeting with Jérôme LINIGER and the collaboration with Nicolas JACQUETTE on the Formats project. He then meets Michel Kelemenis for whom he takes a role in Rock & Goal; creation whose broadcast and tour is accompanied by workshops where Roques holds class masters for young audiences.

Nicolas Jacquette

Designer and photographer, Nicolas Jacquette, born in Normandy, first studied Applied Arts and Interior Architecture in Caen and moved to Paris in 2002 where he began his creative career. He explores all forms of image production, from graphic design to drawing, and completes his training in graphic arts and multimedia at the Institute of Higher Studies of Arts, in Paris, as well as with the jeweler, Frédéric Mané. His meeting with Jérôme Liniger offers him to collaborate on his first art performances to explore photography. In particular, he works on Liniger’s painting performance at the Opéra Garnier in Paris, where he photographs the four acts of musical and plastic creation around the theme of the Seasons. This first artistic collaboration, led them to found their design studio: the Si agency, whose productions are integrated, for most of them, into cultural and institutional projects. Gradually specializing in graphic design for digital media, he collaborates on many projects of web design, animation and illustration.

In 2011, he meets the photographer and painter Katy Martin during an art conference at Yale University (USA), and with the discovery of her work, Jacquette opens more and more to the idea of ​​a photographic research project and is interested in the central question for him of the framing and the out-of-field. They realize a year later, together with MARTIN, Liniger and author-filmmaker Christophe Averlan, a first performance of art which constitutes the first act of the Meeting Point Project. This project took him to Paris, Beijing and New York. Today, in the project Formats, he explores, in dialogue with Anthony Roques’s choreography, the question of the photographer’s very presence in the performance space.